Why I love book clubs

I thought for today’s post; I would talk about why I love taking part in book clubs.

I currently take part in two book clubs, which vary in both audience and genre. My two book clubs are MythTake Reads and Middle Grade Monthly. MythTake Reads is a bi-monthly book club that focuses on myth, folklore and fairytale retellings. Middle Grade Monthly is a monthly book club that is all about middle grade. I will link both their twitters with all the information if you are interested in either of them.

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Why I hate to DNF books

Hi everyone!

I thought for this today’s post I would do a discussion post about why I hate to and rarely DNF books. 

I always find DNFing books to be challenging, especially because of the work and effort that authors have put into writing their piece of work. I like to give a book as long as possible before I give DNF it, and primarily the only reason that I do DNF is because the book will put me in a reading slump. This year I have only DNFed one book so far. 

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5 Star Predictions

I thought for today’s blog post I would let you know some of the books that I hope will be 5 star reads when I finally get round to them. Majority of the books that I read and love tend to be fantasy, so all the books on this list are fantasy.

I have only included books that are currently out, but there are a couple of releases later this year and into next year that I also think could be 5 star predictions. So I may do a follow up early next year or when I have cleared some books off of this list. Also I have only included the first book in a series on this list, even if I think that the whole series could be 5 stars. As it just makes it easier, especially if it turns out that I don’t end up liking the first book.

Without further ado, here are my 5 star predictions!

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September TBR – Becca’s Bookopolathon

In September I will be joining Becca’s Bookopolathon which is a month-long readathon centred around Becca’s Bookopoly. 
Becca’s Bookopoly was originally Becca and the Books as her monthly TBR game and she has now turned it into a readathon. I will link her announcement video below if you are interested in joining. She explains how the game works, as well as the rules for the readathon. 

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