Spotlight – Forget Me Not by Anca Antoci

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Welcome to my stop in the Forget Me Not book tour! Thank you so much to TheWriteReads for including me in this tour, and for my review copy. This in no way affects my opinion.

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Title: Forget Me Not
Author: Anca Antoci
Audience: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Publish Date: 31st January 2020

Deceiving the vampire that saved her could get her killed, but it’s a risk she’s willing to take.

When tragedy strikes, Rae makes a terrible choice and struggles with the aftermath. In the wilderness of the Tongass rainforest, she finds herself hunted by creatures of hell, monsters she never dreamed could be real.

A hidden world, an ancient race, and a secret she discovers by accident give a new meaning to her life but only if she can escape and return to civilization. If she is to survive, Rae must comply with Ari, her reluctant hero, and allow him to wipe away any memory of this realm. Knowledge is power, but is it worth dying for?

When push comes to shove, that’s when real strength emerges.

What would it take to discover what you’re made of?

About the Author

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Anca’s overactive imagination pours into her stories bringing otherworldly creatures to life. She writes about mystical creatures, mystery, and adventure with a hint of Romance.

Her debut novel, Forget Me Not, is the first part of a trilogy published in 2020.

Before starting her writing journey, Anca was active in the blogging community as a fantasy book reviewer. The fanfiction stories she wrote long before she dreamed of being a writer are still popular and available on her blog. Although not as often, she still posts book reviews and book recommendations on her blog

Spotlight – The Girl of Dorcha Wood by Kristin Ward

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Welcome to my stop in the The Girl of Dorcha Wood book tour! Thank you so much to TheWriteReads for including me in this tour, and for my review copy. This in no way affects my opinion.

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Title: The Girl of Dorcha Wood
Author: Kristin Ward
Audience: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: 13th April 2021

Treacherous. Evil. Dark. Dorcha Wood is all of these. And none of them.

The people of Felmore talk of Dorcha Wood in whispers, if they speak of it at all, fearing the wrath of the Cù-Sìth should their words be carried on the wind. Those murdering beasts still roam the darkness of the forest, the last remnants of the cursed Aos Sí—a race of elves long since vanished from the world. 

But to seventeen-year-old Fiadh, it is home. A haven. A forest whose secrets become known only when it chooses to reveal them. Her life is one of balance until the outside world shatters it. 

From the moment Fiadh set eyes on Gideon, the peaceful rhythm of her life was lost. As a new path unfolds, Fiadh confronts the reality of old hatreds, the consequences of things hidden, and the truth of who she really is. 

About the Author

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Kristin Ward is an award-winning young adult author living in Connecticut. A science and math teacher for over twenty years, she infuses her geeky passions into stories that meld realism and fantasy. Kristin embraces her inner nerd regularly, often quoting 80s movies while expecting those around her to chime in with appropriate rejoinders. As a nature freak, she can be found wandering the woods – she may be lost, so please stop and ask if you see her – or chilling in her yard with all manner of furry and feathered friends. Often referred to as a unicorn by colleagues who remain in awe of her ability to create or find various and sundry things in mere moments. In reality, the horn was removed years ago, leaving only a mild imprint that can be seen if she tilts her head just right. A lifelong lover of books and writing, she dreamed of becoming an author for thirty years before publishing her award-winning debut in 2018. Her first novel, After the Green Withered, is one of many things you should probably read.

You’ll Be The Death Of Me by Karen M. McManus

Welcome to my stop in the You’ll Be The Death Of Me book tour! Thank you so much to TheWriteReads for including me in this tour, and the publisher Penguin for my review copy. This in no way affects my opinion.

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Title: You’ll Be The Death Of Me
Author: Karen M. McManus
Publisher: Penguin
Audience: Young Adult
Genre: Thriller
Publication Date: 30th November

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ivy, Mateo and Cal used to be close – best friends back in middle school.
Now all they have in common is a bad day. So for old time’s sake they skip school together – one last time.
But when the trio spot Brian ‘Boney’ Mahoney ditching class too, they follow him – right into a murder scene.
They all have a connection to the victim. And they’re ALL hiding something.
When their day of freedom turns deadly, it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out

You’ll Be The Death Of Me is actually the very first Karen M. McManus book that I’ve ever read, (yes I have been living under a rock) and I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Thrillers are generally not my go-to genre, but I really liked its pacing and how well all of the characters went together.

The main focus of You’ll Be The Death Of Me was the characters, and they really shone off the page. I loved how individual they all were, and nothing about them felt forced or unnatural. You could really see how their friendship had drifted apart and how small little lies spiralled out of control. I have to admit my favourite character was Ivy, purely because of how analytical she was with all her decisions.

When I first started You’ll Be The Death Of Me, I found it to be a little bit slow, which left me a little nervous, but I had nothing to worry about because it quickly picked up the pace and left me desperate to carry on. The beginning does well to set up the story, but I could have done with it being that little bit shorter, so I got invested that little bit quicker. But once it gets going, it doesn’t stop until you reach the last page.

If you are looking for a really gripping Young Adult thriller you can’t go wrong with You’ll Be The Death Of Me.

When Shadows Fall by Sita Brahmachari

I know that I have been a way for a little while, but today I am back letting you know all about the amazing When Shadows Fall by Sita Brahmachari! When Shadows Fall focuses on Kai, Orla, Zak and Om throughout their teenage years up until A-Level results day. Covering loss, grief, friendship and community, When Shadows Fall is a book that I urge everyone to pick up. Here is the synopsis so you get a complete sense of what an amazing book this is.

Kai, Orla and Zak grew up together, their days spent on the patch of wilderness in between their homes, a small green space in a sprawling grey city. Music, laughter and friendship bind them together and they have big plans for their future – until Kai’s family suffers a huge loss.
Trying to cope with his own grief, as well as watching it tear his family apart, Kai is drawn into a new and more dangerous crowd, until his dreams for the future are a distant memory. Excluded from school and retreating from his loved ones, it seems as though his path is set, his story foretold. Orla, Zak and new classmate Om are determined to help him find his way back. But are they too late? 

As part of the launch of When Shadows Fall I was invited to an interview with Sita and her editor Mattie Whitehead within which Sita answered questions about her writing journey and what led her to write When Shadows Fall, which was extremely interesting to learn especially as When Shadows Fall has been 20 years in the making.

Also as part of the event I got to ask some questions about family and identity within young adult books, and here are all her brilliant answers.

How important do you think that it is that a Young Adults can see themselves in the books that they read?

“My ears have been tuned to what diversity means in all its glory and what people bring not as a negative, obviously people including myself and my family have experienced racism but not just as that. What I think what a lot of young people get from my work and when I meet them is that if you do speak English as a second language you do have a cultural history, … and that makes you uniquely able to bring that in storytelling and that is valuable.”

How influential do you think the people around us are on our identities, do you think identity is something that can be influenced?

“The thing about identity is so fluid and that’s another reason why I love working with teenagers and writing for teenagers … I think we try on things, in music we listen to different kinds of music, we try on different things, we like certain foods and we go towards them.” 

I really hope that my post today has inspired you to pick up When Shadows Fall by Sita Brahmachari, and please do go and check out all of the amazing people as part of the blog tour. I also want to give a special thank you to Nina Douglas for arranging this tour and letting me be a part of it.

October Wrap Up

October was a little bit of a terrible reading month for me as University seemed to take over everything that I did. I did manage to read a couple of books, but not as many as normal. I am hoping to pick reading back up as I have missed it, but I will keep you all updated throughout the month. But I do have four books that I managed to read, so here are my mini reviews for them!

Carry On Reading

Let’s Talk Bookish – What Make You Like A Character

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! As it is once again Friday, it is time for another Let’s Talk Bookish edition. Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion. This weeks topic is all about cut and paste characters!

This is one of those topics that I have given quite a bit of thought to, but I haven’t really answered. I tend to like all characters so long as I can get an emotional bond from them. But there are definitely some types of characters that I like more than others.

Carry On Reading

Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Spooky Books on my TBR

Hey guys, it’s Tuesday again so it means it’s time for Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that is hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic was a Halloween Freebie because Halloween is coming this Sunday. So I have decided to go make a list of ten spooky books that I want to get if I don’t get too scared!

My Halloween’s normally feature me curled up with a good spooky book and so form of autumnal candle, so I thought this one was a fun one for me to do! I normally get quite scared whenever I watch or read something scary, so I can’t guarantee how many I will get too, but these are some of the ones that have caught my interest.  

Carry On Reading

November TBR

I haven’t been reading as much as I want to at the moment, but I hope this is just down to me settling back into University rather than a slump coming on. Fingers crossed I am going to be able to get some of my reading mojo back again. When it comes to reading plans for November I don’t really have that many as I am trying to let myself mood read rather than forcing myself to read something. But I do have a couple of books that I would love to fit in!

Without further ado, here are some of the books I am going to try and read in November!

A Dance with a Fae Prince by Elise Kova

55688537. sx318

Katria swore she’d never fall in love. She’s seen what “love” means through the cruelty of her family. So when she’s married off to the mysterious Lord Fenwood for a handsome price, all Katria wants is a better life than the one she’s leaving. Feelings are off the table.
But her new husband makes not falling in love difficult.
As their attraction begins to grow, so too do the oddities within her new life: strange rules, screams in the night, and attacks by fae that Katria never thought were real. When she witnesses a ritual not meant for human eyes, Katria finds herself spirited away to the land of Midscape.
Surviving the fae wilds as a human is hard enough. Katria must survive as a human who accidently pilfered the magic of ancient kings – magic a bloodthirsty king is ready to kill her for in order to keep his stolen throne – and her new husband is the rightful heir in hiding.
The power to save the fae is in her hands. But who will save her from a love she vowed never to feel?

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood


As a third-year Ph.D. candidate, Olive Smith doesn’t believe in lasting romantic relationships–but her best friend does, and that’s what got her into this situation. Convincing Anh that Olive is dating and well on her way to a happily ever after was always going to take more than hand-wavy Jedi mind tricks: Scientists require proof. So, like any self-respecting biologist, Olive panics and kisses the first man she sees.
That man is none other than Adam Carlsen, a young hotshot professor–and well-known ass. Which is why Olive is positively floored when Stanford’s reigning lab tyrant agrees to keep her charade a secret and be her fake boyfriend. But when a big science conference goes haywire, putting Olive’s career on the Bunsen burner, Adam surprises her again with his unyielding support and even more unyielding…six-pack abs.
Suddenly their little experiment feels dangerously close to combustion. And Olive discovers that the only thing more complicated than a hypothesis on love is putting her own heart under the microscope.

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa


In less than twenty-four hours, I’ll be sixteen. Countless stories, songs and poems have been written about this wonderful age, when a girl finds true love and the stars shine for her and the handsome prince carries her off into the sunset.
Something has always felt slightly off in Meghan Chase’s life, ever since her father disappeared when she was six. Ten years later, when her little brother also goes missing, Meghan learns the truth—she is the secret daughter of a mythical faery king and a pawn in a deadly war. Now Meghan will learn just how far she’ll go to save someone she loves, to stop a mysterious evil no faery creature dare face…and to find love with a young prince who might rather see her dead than let her touch his icy heart.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren


Olive is always unlucky: in her career, in love, in…well, everything. Her identical twin sister Ami, on the other hand, is probably the luckiest person in the world. Her meet-cute with her fiancé is something out of a romantic comedy (gag) and she’s managed to finance her entire wedding by winning a series of Internet contests (double gag). Worst of all, she’s forcing Olive to spend the day with her sworn enemy, Ethan, who just happens to be the best man.
Olive braces herself to get through 24 hours of wedding hell before she can return to her comfortable, unlucky life. But when the entire wedding party gets food poisoning from eating bad shellfish, the only people who aren’t affected are Olive and Ethan. And now there’s an all-expenses-paid honeymoon in Hawaii up for grabs.
Putting their mutual hatred aside for the sake of a free vacation, Olive and Ethan head for paradise, determined to avoid each other at all costs. But when Olive runs into her future boss, the little white lie she tells him is suddenly at risk to become a whole lot bigger. She and Ethan now have to pretend to be loving newlyweds, and her luck seems worse than ever. But the weird thing is that she doesn’t mind playing pretend. In fact, she feels kind of… lucky.

I didn’t mean for this TBR to end up as romance heavy as it is but honestly that is what I am in the mood for at the moment. What are you reading in November? Do you have any good romance recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

Let’s Talk Bookish – What’s Your Backup Plan For Posting

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! As it is once again Friday, it is time for another Let’s Talk Bookish edition. Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion. This weeks topic is what plan I have when I forget to write a post!

What to do when I haven’t got a post sorted is something that I have given quite a bit of thought to, and it usually depends on how late I have remembered that I should be posting.

There are just some days when you completely forget to prepare a post beforehand. In those instances, is there a specific kind of post you quickly throw together to stay on schedule? Do you just miss the day and move on?

On a day that I haven’t remembered to write a post, it depends on what type of post should be going up on that day. Because I have a pretty strict schedule with myself, I usually don’t forget that I am meant to post, but occasionally it happens. I tend to make sure that I have started all of my posts a couple of days before they should happen, which makes it a lot easier if it gets to the morning and I have not done it. This is something that I really recommend doing because it always means that a job looks easier when you come to do it. Posts like my WWW Wednesday can’t happen until the morning of Wednesday, so they tend to be the ones that I end up forgetting about, but I find these to be reasonably easy to write on the morning of, as the majority of the post is just my thoughts and I can write what I am thinking. Usually, my go-to post if I have forgotten that I am meant to writing, I will tend to go with some kind of tag as I have quite a few that I still want to do, and I can normally come up with my answers quite easily.

If it is a review that I have not written, I will tend to just miss the day and move on. As much as I have a schedule with my reviews, I do not mind missing one because things happen, and I may not have finished my current read. I do not have any backup reviews written at the moment, but this is something that I am trying to change. I have reduced my review schedule because I was frequently not making the semi-schedule that I had made, but I am hoping that by taking the pressure off, I will be able to read even more. This may not happen, but that doesn’t matter because both reading and blogging are meant to be fun for me.

I suppose I am ultimately trying to say that I don’t really mind if I end up off of schedule because it is not the end of the world, and all that matters is that I am happy with what I put out. I would much rather miss a day than putting something out that I am not completely happy with.

Do you have any posts that you can easily put together? Let me know what you do in the comments below!