Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Book Settings

Hey guys, it’s Tuesday again so it means it’s time for Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that is hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic was ten of my favourite book settings.

I have quite a few favourite settings, as the more books that I read, the more amazing settings that I discover. 

  1. Big City, e.g. London, New York

There is just something about a big city setting that I love, especially if it is one that I have not visited. I especially love this within Urban Fantasy books as it brings a whole new world to me. 

  1. School

Even thought I have left school now, there is just something so nostalgic about a book set in a school, it just takes me back to that time. No matter whether we are following a teacher or a student, there is just something so good about a book set in school. 

  1. University

I love books that are set University but I hardly ever see them. I love that idea of a setting that is not yet work but is not school. Especially as this is something that most people, at least in the UK do. 

  1. Magic Schools

There is something so great about magic schools, they are so different and yet the same to normal school. You get to see whole new customs and get to see something different, as every magic school is different. 

  1. Small Town

Books that are set in a small town can be so cute, especially if it is what is termed as a quaint English village. Everyone knows everybody and there is just that great sense of community. 

  1. Fictional World

I think this one is pretty explanatory, but I love a book that is set in a whole new world (yes I did mean to include the Aladdin pun). There is just so amazing to see what an authors brain can come up with when they are given the freedom to just write whatever comes into their head when it comes to setting. 

  1. Bookshop

This one is inspired by Tilly and the Bookwanderers, I just love the idea of a bookshop becoming a setting in a book. We definitely need more books that are set in a bookshop to be released. 

  1. Space

Space is such a great setting for a book because it encompasses so many things. You can have characters in deep space or they could just be travelling through. Especially as we don’t really know what is out there so it is really up to the imagination. 

  1. Castles

There is just something about a book being set in a castle, especially if there is a romance in the book between royals. I think it just goes back to my dream of growing up and becoming a princess. Sadly that did not happen for me, but I can still live it though books. 

  1. Racetrack

Now this is a very niche thing to me, but I would love more books that are set at a racetrack. Motorsport racing is such a massive part of my life (it’s what I’m doing my engineering degree in if you didn’t know) so I would love to see more books set around it and in the specific settings. 

There you have it, ten of my favourite settings! What are some of your favourite settings, do any of them match up with mine? Let me know in the comments below!

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