Let’s Talk Bookish – Series vs Standalones

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! As it is once again Friday, it is time for another Let’s Talk Bookish edition. Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion. This weeks topic is the age old argument series vs standalones!

Series vs Standalones is an debate that is always going around and there is never a consensus on the answer. I think it is one of those questions that really depends on the mood that you are in and what you are reading.

Do you prefer standalones or series?

I think my answer to this changes daily, and it really depends on what I have recently finished and what I am currently reading. In terms of getting down my TBR I definitely prefer reading standalones as they can be quickly read, and I haven’t got to fit in the next book in the series before I forget all of the information. But I love the complexity of the series and piecing together the main storyline as we progress through the series. I think that I probably prefer series for the long term development of characters and plot, along with depth that the author can go into the story when they are given more time.

When you read a standalone, do you wish there was more, or are you content that the story has finished? Are series sometimes too long?

Sometimes I wish there was more content to a standalone, probably because I have some unanswered questions about characters or want to know what happened after the events. However, most of the problems that I have with standalones, if I have any problems, are to do with the book ending too quickly after the main event. But, sometimes it feels like standalones end at just the right moment without going too far and then getting repetitive, whereas a series can sometimes just repeat the same events over and over again in different books. There are definitely series that I can think of off the top of my head that have been going on for too long without needing to (The Witchlands series, to name just one). So sometimes series can almost do the opposite and drag on for way too long.

Do you feel like some genres work better in series while others work better in standalones?

I personally feel like romance and contemporary is a genre that lends itself to standalones, whereas fantasy and science-fiction are genres that lend themselves to series. But I have also read some amazing books that have been the complete opposite to those two with some amazing standalone fantasy and brilliant romance series. I also love romance series, like The Brown Sisters, that follows different people but are in the same universe. I think it all depends on the authors writing style and the way that the story is developed. If quite a bit of world building is required, e.g. a fictional location, I always prefer to have more books so the author can explore more of the land and see what the author intended the world to be. But if it is set in a modern day city, most people have been to one, so not as much world building is required.

There you have it, my very long ramble on series vs standalone without me actually picking an answer. What do you think, do you prefer series or standalones?

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