Wicked Little Deeds by Kat Ellis

Welcome to my stop in the Wicked Little Deeds book tour! Thank you so much to TheWriteReads for including me in this tour, and to the publisher for my review copy. This in no way affects my opinion.

Title: Wicked Little Deeds
Author: Kat Ellis
Publisher: Penguin
Audience: Young Adult
Genre: Thriller
Publication Date: 5th August 2021

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

From its creepy town mascot to the story of its cursed waterfall, Burden Falls is a small town dripping with superstition. Ava Thorn knows this well – since the horrific accident she witnessed a year ago, she’s been plagued by nightmares.
But when her school nemesis is brutally murdered and Ava is the primary suspect, she starts to wonder if the legends surrounding the town are more fact than fiction.
Whatever secrets Burden Falls is hiding, there’s a killer on the loose, and they have a vendetta against the Thorns…

Thrillers are not something that I would generally gravitate towards, but I am so glad that I agreed to take part in this book tour as I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading Wicked Little Deeds. It was every part atmospheric and believable simultaneously; if you like YA thrillers, I highly suggest that you take a look at Wicked Little Deeds.

I really liked all of the characters within Wicked Little Deeds, and they all added something important to the story. As the main character, Ava was brilliant; I really liked how she addressed the situations she was forced into and how she reacted. The only minor issue that I have regarding the characters is that I would have liked to learn more about some of them, especially Carolyn, Ava’s aunt. I just feel that that would have added something else to the story. While there is an element of romance within Wicked Little Deeds, it doesn’t overpower the rest of the story, which I really appreciated as, within some thrillers, it becomes less about the plot and more about any possible romance.

But I have to say that the atmosphere is what really brought Wicked Little Deeds to life for me. I loved Kat Ellis’s writing style, and it created such a brilliant, haunting atmosphere that did leave me a little bit frightened, but we all know that I am a bit of a scaredy-cat! Kat Ellis’s writing style is so descriptive that you can imagine yourself standing in the same situation, which is what I want from my supernatural thrillers.

When it comes to the ending of Wicked Little Deeds, I didn’t guess immediately who the killer was, but much like Ava, I was able to piece it together as we got more clues. I liked Wicked Little Deeds because it was believable, which I always love from the thrillers that I read. The only thing I wanted was for the resolution to have been a little longer; it felt as if we spent ages to get to the point, and it was over very quickly.

I do have to mention the audiobook as I used to make sure that I got this review up on time. The audiobook does a brilliant job at submersing you into the story and making you not want to leave until you have finished.

If you like YA thrillers I highly suggest that you pick up Wicked Little Deeds; it is going to keep you turning the pages well into the night so that you can find out who the killer is.

About the Author

Kat Ellis is a young adult author whose novels include Wicked Little Deeds/Burden Falls (August 2021), Harrow Lake (July 2020), Purge (September 2016), Breaker (May 2016), and Blackfin Sky (May 2014). She is a fan of all things horror and sci-fi, and a keen explorer of ruins, castles and cemeteries – all of which are plentiful in North Wales, where Kat lives with her husband.

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