The A to Z of Us by Hannah Doyle

Thank you to the publisher HQ for providing me with an arc copy of this book via NetGalley. This in no way affects my opinion.


Title: The A to Z of Us
Author: Hannah Doyle
Publisher: HQ
Audience: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Can love ever be as easy as abc?
If you want to know the A-Z of love then it starts with Alice and ends with Zach.
Alice is a self-confessed cynic when it comes to love. She’s never had a serious relationship herself and after supporting her best friend through a devastating break-up, she’s not about to let down her barriers anytime soon. Relationships always end badly.
Zach is a romantic. Even after his parents got divorced, he still believed in love and is eager to settle down and have a family of his own. He just hasn’t met The One yet.
After a chance meet-cute at an art gallery, Zach is immediately intrigued by Alice and realising their names bookend the alphabet suggests that their next date needs to begin with a B. Alice agrees to one date while Zach is determined to make her believe in love. But can love ever be as easy as abc?

The A to Z of Us was a bit of a random find on NetGalley when I was scrolling through one day, but I am so glad that something about it caught my eye. I don’t think that I would have ever picked this book up on my own, but I am pleased that I did.

I really liked the two main characters in The A to Z of Us, and they balanced each other out nicely. None of the drama between the two of them felt too forced or conceived; it all felt as if you were watching a relationship play out in real-time. I adored Alice as a character because she knew what she wanted, but she was open to having her mind changed by Zach, which I really appreciated. I also loved Alice’s friend Natalie and would love a spin-off about her and path to love after the growth that you see in her throughout the book.

I think that the concept of The A to Z of Us was really original and I really like that. We only focused on the 26 dates that Alice and Zach go on throughout the book and don’t cover any of the mundane day-to-day life events that may occur. While I liked this, I would have loved to have just seen a little bit more of them individually because it made their relationship seem like Insta-love at times because we didn’t get to see any of the background work that had been laid down and any of who they are without the other.

The only other thing that I didn’t like was the final conflict between the characters. It didn’t really feel as if there was any conflict as all the items argued about had already been brought up and worked through. I would have much prefered there have been something original in terms of the book because this just felt a little bit boring, especially the direction that Hannah Doyle could have taken the book in.

Overall The A to Z of Us is a cute summer read that had a nice plot but didn’t really provide me with any excitement. However, if you are looking for a nice, easy contemporary romance, I recommend picking it up as it is pretty fast-paced and does flow nicely.

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