Let’s Talk Bookish – Do You Run a Booktube?

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! As it is once again Friday, it is time for another Let’s Talk Bookish edition. Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion. This weeks topic is all about blogging and booktube.

I have always been torn between starting a blog or a booktube channel, but in the end, I decided to create my blog. I have had such a fantastic time blogging, and I don’t think that I would change it for the world. I originally found the online book community through booktube, but I think that the blogging world is a much better fit for me at the moment.

Why have I only chosen to blog?

At the moment, I only run a blog; I decided to go down the route of blogging because I felt more comfortable writing my reviews rather than speaking. I also have a facial disfigurement, so I knew that it would take lots of confidence to put myself on camera. There is also the fact that I have no clue where to start with filming and editing software, so that was a massive influence on my decision.

Do you think one format does certain things better than the other?

I don’t think that any format does anything better than the other, but each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. I think it is much easier to write a book review for a blog than a booktube channel, but hauls and monthly TBRs are much easier to do for a booktube channel. There are also different opportunities that the various platforms get compared to each other. I think it is ultimately up to the creator and what they want to do and what they like to do, as I think that does come across in the content they make.

Do you ever want to run a book tube channel?

At some point, I may want to run a booktube channel, but I love just running my blog at the moment. It may be something that I consider when I finish University, and I have more time on my hands, but certainly not for a couple of years.

What do you think about having a blog and a booktube channel? Is it something you’d ever consider? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Do You Run a Booktube?

  1. I never even heard about Booktube until a few years into my blogging, so I never thought about that when my friends/family told me to do something with my reviews, the only option seemed to be blogging. I have been a bit curious about Booktubing, but in the end never did anything as I am not into showing myself/my face on internet. Plus, given that English is my second language + I barely speak English to anyone, when I do talk I can get pretty far but I do have to think and sometimes I just cannot find the words. So that would mean reading from a script and I am not sure that would work. Haha. So I will just stick to blogging!


  2. Great post! I definitely relate to your thoughts starting a booktube. It’s something I’d love to have the confidence to do but I think I’d be so self-conscious! 🙈 I also have no idea where to start with all the video editing stuff, not to mention finding time to do all of it while running a blog and working!


  3. I also only run a blog, way more comfortable! Besides me being to shy to film myself, i also have no ides how to edit etc!
    Great discussion!



  4. I’ve considered running a booktube before but it would require so much work just to even start: a better camera, a tripod or other stable surface, a pretty background, etc. Blogging is just a lot more accessible if you don’t mind writing


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