Let’s Talk Bookish – How Has Blogging Affected Your Reading

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! As it is once again Friday, it is time for another Let’s Talk Bookish edition. Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion. This weeks topic is how has blogging affected your reading. 

I have loved the time that I have spent blogging since last August, and I would change my experiences for the world. I definitely think that it has had some effect on my reading and the way I approach books.

Has blogging affected your reading in a positive or negative way? If so, how?

I think that blogging has affected how I look at my books and what I am reading. It has helped me look more critically at the books that I read because I never used to write book reviews before, but now I do and have to think about my thoughts and opinions. One fantastic thing that has come out of me now book blogging is amazing recommends that I get, that have helped me to broaden my horizons. So I think that blogging has had a positive impact on the reading that I do.

Do you think the pressures to produce content can result in a bad relationship with books?

I think that blogging can result in a bad relationship with books if you let it. I try and still read for fun because blogging is much easier if I enjoy the books I read and want to recommend them to others. If I am enjoying what I am creating, I find it easier to come up with new ideas that interest me and everyone else. But I think it can make a bad relationship with books because of the pressure. I do always feel pressure to be constantly producing content and making everything perfect, which means I spend more time on that than doing the reading that I love.

How do you balance blogging and reading?

I hope that I have a good balance between blogging and reading, but I do also have to factor in my University degree. I tend to spend all day dedicated to either blogging or university, which means that I can spend my evenings reading. But I do like to have some evenings off and watch TV or sport. I think that helps me to focus on the reading when I am doing it. I almost treat blogging as if it was another part-time job. My only exceptions to this are when I have book reviews to write, as I tend to write them straight after I have finished the book unless it is midnight.

Do you think you would have started blogging if it weren’t for books or vice versa?

I don’t think I would have started blogging if it wasn’t for books, and I also don’t think I would have started blogging if it wasn’t for the pandemic. I believe that my love of books will always come first, which has brought me to blogging. But I love the things that blogging has brought to me, and I love being part of the community.

What do you think about reading and blogging? Do you think it has had an impact on your reading? Let me know in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – How Has Blogging Affected Your Reading

  1. Great post Bex! I don’t think I let blogging affect my reading, I always try to blog about reading, rather than reading to blog, if that makes sense? It can get hard to separate the two sometimes, but I would hate to make reading an obligation rather than something that I like to do and do because I love.

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  2. Great insight here! I also believe that the bad relationship with books and blogging is something within your control, and as long as you’re aware of it, you should be able to stop the burnout. One of the biggest pros is definitely the fantastic recommendations I get now, even if it may come with slight pressure to put out a review for them as well. I’m glad I’m not the only one who also writes reviews the same day I finish!

    Check out my own response to the prompt here:

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  3. What is your degree on?
    I agree in some aspects. The more i read the less i blog. I have read so many books which i should/ could have reviewed but because of time etc I end up not writing about them. Im the kind of person who spends ages writing and writing until it’s perfect. 😤😤

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