2020 Reading Statistics

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well. I thought today I would go through some of my reading statistics for 2020. I track all my reading through a Google Spreadsheet, which means I can create graphs to help me visualise my reading. I track a number of different things on my spreadsheet, including genres, ratings, audience, and format. As well as the more traditional things to track like books and pages.

Without further ado, here are my 2020 reading statistics!

Books Read

From my books read graph, you can see where quarantine hit in the UK. I am happy at how consistent I stayed, especially as I hit my goal of 100 books within the year. I had a small reading slump in October, which did hit the amount of books that I finished. In the end I managed to finish 118 books.

Pages Read

I always love comparing the number of books that I read each month to the number of pages. I’m a little bit surprised by the variation in the number of pages each month, as I seem to read a significant amount of fantasy, which tends to be longer, but that doesn’t seem to be represented. But I am happy with the number of pages which in the end is 43,410.

Intended Audience

My 2020 reading had a real mix of intended audiences, which I am pleased about. One of my 2020 goals was to read 50% adult and new adult books, which is something that I have failed with. But the percentages are slowly going up year on year, which does make me happy. Once again, it is a goal for 2021, so I will have another go at it this year.

Genre Distribution

My genre distribution is entirely as I expected it to be. Fantasy and Science Fiction are my favourite genres to read, and that is reflected in my pie chart. I am surprised by how many horror books I read within the year, as horror books terrify me, so I don’t think that I will be replicating that again this year. I do want to read more fantasy romance within 2021, so expect to see that chunk get quite a bit bigger.

Overall Ratings

This graph does represent the reading year that I have had in 2020. Within 2020 I have found the genres that I love to read and have shied away from the books that I don’t think I will like. I feel like I give out 5 stars quite often, so I have been trying to reign that in, but it has not worked. The only 2 star read that I had this year was part of a book club, so I am not disappointed with it.

There you have it, my 2020 reading statistics. I am happy with the reading year that I managed to have and hope that 2021 will be just as good.

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