Reflecting on my 2020 Reading Goals

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. I thought for today’s post I would reflect on the reading goals that I set myself at the start of 2020 and how they have gone. Some of my goals seem crazy looking back at them now, especially considering the way that 2020 has gone. My 2020 goals reflect the way that I initially thought the year was going to go, but we all know that no one could have predicted the way that 2020 has been. I will have a post very early in the new year which will show all my 2020 reading statistics, but I like to wait until the end of the year to have a definitive answer on my statistics.

Without further ado, here is my reflection on my 2020 Reading Goals!

  1. Read 45 books

My aim at the start of 2020 was to read 45 books. In 2019 I read 40 books, and I wanted to challenge myself by reading a couple more. How wrong I was! Bit of a spoiler for my statistics post but I have read 100+ books in 2020. I think the only reason that I managed to read so many books was because of lockdown. I spent most of my time within lockdown reading so my total books read reflects that.

2. Get my physical TBR to under 100 books

It is safe to say that I completely failed this goal. My current unread TBR currently stands at 159 books, and it just keeps increasing. I get so excited about all the new releases and need to have them in my hands the moment they are published. This is something that I need to get under control in 2021.

3. Read 50 New Adult and Adult Books

This is a goal that I did not manage to reach. I really wanted to hit my target this year at reading 50% adult and new adult books. I wanted to make this goal, as I feel that as I am getting older, the books that I read need to reflect that. This is a goal that I am going to make again next year, so fingers crossed I can do it.

4. Try and read 2000 pages a month

Trying to read over 2000 pages a month is a goal that I did manage to make. Every month in 2020, I managed to read over 2000 pages, which feels like a massive achievement for me. Especially with the year that 2020 has been.

5. Discover 15 debut authors

This is a goal that I did spectacularly with! I managed to discover 24 debut authors within 2020, and it is something that makes me really happen. 2020 has been a terrible year for debut authors, so I am glad that I managed to get round to so many of their books.

There you have, these were all my 2020 reading goals. I am happy that I managed to complete some of them, but I am a little bit upset that I didn’t manage to complete them all. Some of these goals will be sticking around for 2021, but I will update you on them when I upload my 2021 reading goals.

PS: Can I also say thank you so much to you all for helping me reach 100 followers! I never imagined that this would happen, I just wanted to create my blog to ramble on about the books that I love. So thank you so much for all being here. I can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring!

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