My Mixed Opinions on Rereading Books

Today I thought I would do another discussion post today on rereading books. Rereading is something that I have started doing more the longer that I have been in the book community. I reread books for a range of different reasons; a lot of them depend on my memory and my mood.

There are lots of different reasons as to why people may want to reread books, so I thought that I would list some of my likes and dislikes with rereading books.

Why I like rereading Books

Terrible Memory

One of the reasons as to why I end up rereading books is due to my terrible memory. I have no issue remembering song lyrics from years ago, but when it comes to remembering book plots, I have significant problems. This becomes a real problem when there has been a massive time gap between book releases, and I will have forgotten most of the intricacies of the plot. So I have to reread the whole series before the new one comes out.

Wanting to review them

Another reason as to why I have started to reread books is wanting to review them for my blog. There are lots of books that I have read in the past few years that I would love to review for my blog, mainly because they are underrated and I have not heard anyone else talk about them. But for me to be able to review them thoroughly and feel like my review is good enough, I would need to read the book again.

Loving the book

My other reason for rereading books is that I love them. If a book is my favourite, I will want to reimmerse myself into the story and rediscover all of the magic. This means me rereading the series once again. This is especially true if the book has lots of different meanings and different things that I will be able to pick up if I read it a second time.

Why I don’t like rereading books

I have enough unread books

One reason I don’t like spending my time rereading books is because I already have more than enough unread books. I have over 100 unread books at the moment, and I need to get to them all. In all my unread books I’m sure that I will be able to find new favourites, which means I should get on reading them.

Wanting to give new authors/series a try

In all my unread books I have lots of debut novels that I really want to give a try. I always love giving support to new authors, as I think they are something that the community always needs. So if I can review a new book, hopefully, someone else may be interested in picking it up. So if I am spending my time rereading books, I don’t have time to pick up any new ones.

There you have it my reasons for why I like to sometimes reread books. In the future I am definitely going to prioritise new books over rereading, but I am still going to reread some of my current collection.

What do you think to rereading books? Let me know in the comments!

19 thoughts on “My Mixed Opinions on Rereading Books

  1. Great discussion Bex! Same here, I mostly reread books because I can hardly remember anything that happened in the book when the sequel comes out – though it can get a bit annoying at times because the series is so long and still ongoing so I have to reread the entire collection every single year simply to enjoy and understand a new release!!

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  2. lovely discussion post, bex!! i love re-reading books because sometimes i simply forget the story, but at the same time, i also feel conflicted because there are so many wonderful authors and books out there, but i’m not reading them, and instead re-reading an old book!! i loved reading this post 💗

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  3. Lol my reasonings for why I do like them and why I don’t are exactly the same! My ever growing TBR list makes me hesitant to reread past favourites 😂

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  4. The only books I’ve reread this year have been The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman after watching the His Dark Materials on TV. But I did listen to them on an audiobook. I generally don’t reread as I have so many unread books if feel guilty. But, like you, I have a good memory for song lyrics, but book and TV plots I really struggle with!

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    1. I do the same if I am rereading, especially as I can speed them up when I am listening to them on audiobook. I really don’t know where my good memory for song lyrics comes from, especially as I can’t sing 😂


  5. I love rereading my favorite books. Its fun to see things I’ve either missed the first times or just forgot. Sometimes I reread to get out of slumps if nothing else is getting my attention. Whenever I do though my brain likes to remind me of all the ~new~ books I could be reading, but my mood dictates most of what I read and when, so I have to constantly remind myself that I’ll eventually read them when I’m supposed to. It’s easier said than remembered 🙂

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  6. I do reread some books. I have a tradition of rereading Harry Potter atleast once a year. There are some books that are so beautifully written that they have to be reread as I find sometimes that i end up missing out small details which I end up picking up after reading the book again. My to reread list has All the bright places so far. I do however find just like you that I have so many others new books to read that I never have the time to back to books!


  7. Great discuss bex! I tend to remember almost everything that I read, unless I read it super fast because I HAD to read it and I don’t like it. You know for example – ARCs. But, I re read books… because I want to relive the adventure. I like to revisit favourite parts. And yeah…for review purpose too! But I don’t like re reading for the same reasons.

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  8. Great post! I recently did one on rereading as well and I had a lot of the same reasons for wanting to reread—especially the terrible memory 😂 I wish I started reviewing sooner coz there are so many books I read before and I loved but didn’t write reviews for. If only there was enough time to reread and discover new faves, all while slashing down the TBR 😅

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